TR Elliott Pinot Noirs are hand-crafted using traditional winemaking techniques, thus allowing the character of the fruit to express itself.

TR Elliott Winery WinemakingTR Elliott Winery  Winemaking

The grapes, picked early in the morning to assure perfect temperature, are hand sorted before being transferred into small, open-top fermenting vats for a “cold soak” to enhance the colors and flavors of this otherwise shy varietal. We include some whole clusters during fermentation to assure carbonic maceration, a process that elevates aromas.

TR Elliott Winery  WinemakingAfter fermentation, we gently press the must, retaining only the free run. To ensure the highest quality, vineyard clonal selections are vinted separately. The wine is aged in French oak barrels carefully selected for each clone, for nine to fifteen months. Finally, just before bottling, barrels are selected one by one for the final blends. Consistent with our philosophy of letting the fruit express itself, we bottle our wines with a minimum of filtration. The 2006 vintage was neither filtered nor fined.

PDF Icon - WinemakingThese time-honored winemaking techniques, combined with excellent fruit sources, assure that our wine will mature into a classic example of Russian River Pinot Noir.